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Slutty hooters girls

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Seems incredible that this is allowed. Free porn women with big tits. If you havent been there, what is your favorite breastaurant and how do they match up against hooters in those respects? Is labor percentage ever a concern at a place like Hooters? Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 29, 09 at 8: Related Questions What's it like to be a waitress at Hooters?

Simple solution for overtraining: How creepy do some of the male customers get there? Thanks for doing the IAma, I always felt sorry for hooter girls etc. Slutty hooters girls. Sure her husband is proud that his wife works at Hooters. Great wings and fabulous customer service.

As a former Hooters girl, I would have to say no to the question as currently phrased, at least for most women who work there. Log in or sign up in seconds. They would party with them occasionally. They always sit in our section, tipping well and treating us even better. If she's hot enough, would she still get hired just the same as a biological woman?

The Money Make no mistake about it; we're paid well for our troubles. Big ass ghetto girls. Management staff is hopefully trained on how to deal with this.

Slutty hooters girls

I've only had sex with you What attracts men to women? They didn't want to be subjected to drunk customers commenting on their boobs. What do you guys think of Hooters Girls? They serve them first, etc. Lots of people came in every day, and would give us jewelry and gifts. They could get jobs in their field, but they are whores and enjoy flirting with men.

That isn't to say that the woman there ARE "sluts", but rather, they dress in a way that gives people bad impressions. LOL this was funny. We all have them While some of the Also, after a while those pantyhose start to feel like sweatpants. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 30, 09 at 2: Without more you post is a meaningless gripe.

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The explanation is simple. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Sexy girls at pool. I got a job as a multi unit supervisor with a growing concept. Slutty hooters girls. They would party with them occasionally.

The Customers As part of my job description, I am required to engage customers -- many of whom are socially disinclined -- in conversation, coaching fully formed words from the ones who cannot look a woman in the eye without blushing and feigning interest in the ones who drone on and on while staring intently at my breasts.

We had to have a personality, as well as look good and have tits and fit the uniform well. I also typically buy a tshirt for my girlfriend and the girls are helpful. Submitted by Anonymous on May 2, 09 at 9: You had to be in college and be able to hold a conversation about pretty much anything. And when we're not doing that, we're just chilling with our customers.

Well, guys go to strip clubs to see naked girls, they get their wish. Then send it on its way. Phecda suicide nude. Interesting, thank you very much. Related Questions Why do people mainly women think hooter girls are sluts? At what point do you say enough is enough? Did you like this post? Get New Posts By Email. As I am now about to graduate from law school, and my Hooters days are in the past, I do look back on most of the time fondly. She had a lot of freckles, too, and seemed supremely disinterested while she was serving us, though she was polite enough.

I mean at least a hooker gives you what you pay for. If people want to see posts on certain things they should start their own website, otherwise keep your mouths shut and enjoy the continual supply of material we are receiving from this site. Bizarre Rules Like most corporate environments, Hooters has strict policies. Some guys are beyond rude and will sit in their section, then ask to move to a hotter girl's section.

That is a whore. Based on your exposure to the women you've worked with at the Winghouse and other places--where, presumably, women are fully clothed--do you think that one group of women is easier than the other?

I must admit that I felt a little out of place. We get families all the time. Lisa thornhill naked. It's definitely self exploitation.

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Why is it legal for Hooters to only hire women? Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Asian lesbian feet. I made it clear that she couldnt come up there more than once a month or so. Lots of people came in every day, and would give us jewelry and gifts. I once dated a girl that had worked at Hooters. Perhaps it was that most of the women were fairly confident, so less insecurity bred less pettiness.

I actually resigned last week after ten years with them so I can now be more candid with my answers. The Money Make no mistake about it; we're paid well for our troubles. Submitted by Nero on Aug 7, 11 at 9: Twin Peaks is the wave of the future I believe. Nude black female video Slutty hooters girls. And part of that is credit owed to our management and kitchen staff, who cared for us and felt a sense of protection.

As a former Hooters girl, I would have to say no to the question as currently phrased, at least for most women who work there. Those "games" were so innocent.

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