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When I see clones of these poor fools running around in dumb outfits it just makes it that much more satisfying to obliterate the meatbags. Sissy and girlfriend. Let me run around with my dick out, let me be a full on nude woman, and let me have explicit sex scene.

I don't see enough futuristic outfits I think what it is, is that SEGA tries way too hard to try and be 'hyper-futuristic' with their outfits, and make them look crazy because 'it's the future, so everything needs all these crazy gizmos, spikes, and extra additions all over them', kind of like the movie The Fifth Element.

I hope you're pleased with yourself. Sorry I don't have many words to describe it, but you should just look at it yourself and you can share your opinion if you want to. Agree 6 Disagree 1. Scarlet blade nude pics. I felt like I had to be honest about that. But hopefully you get the point. Have you even seen that one?

If you don't like it, solo your own shit in a rappy suit. So it's come to arguing about clothes, eh? Horrible in every way. That might have something to do with there being female equivalents of most male costumes on top of whatever new stuff they cook up, which most likely is going to be for females anyway. Nicollette sheridan nude videos. Remember though, PSO wasn't totally free of this. I can't show you how big my grin will be when I get to start stomping bath towels and Mikus into the ground, but I can assure you my face will hurt a bit afterwards.

What's wrong with just taking some reasonably nice-looking outfits and adding some sci-fi twists to them? If you don't like it but still want a bathtowel get one of the normal versions. The time now is You know everyone just wants to get to the nightclub. I have to wonder what attributes Korean MMO players look for. For some people, sex appeal comes second, though there's most definitely just as many who are all over stuff like the infinite cleavage Ballistic Coat and pseudo-dominatrix Eretique Reine for exactly those reasons.

There's also the Fliegen. He's just kinda there. Posted on 01 September All times are GMT. Go watch that and play a decent game instead. Last edited by squeeze; at

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Page 4 of 6 First Aye, the combat isn't anything like Tera's. I honestly felt myself getting stupider as I played this monstrosity, to the point I had to quit before the MMO playing part of my brain atrophied from lack of use. Lesbian strapon videos. Scarlet blade nude pics. I always thought that was such a silly reason.

You're relying on having people actually enjoy this shit, and hell, even if you do love your boob and ass as much as I do I'm sure your money is better spent on other avenues if that's what you're looking for. Scarlet BladeViews. Lamia set is the best caseal set. Now grab a bunch of boys, and put them to see Brokeback Mountain. I don't mind skimpy outfits, I do mind the reason they're implemented. And if not, you should still expect a hole somewhere where there shouldn't be one.

I find it funny how the Lamia set, probably the most conservative Caseal set in the game, is also the most badass Submit a new link. I understand that it's annoying not having many clothes that are considered normal, but damn!

There is ONE thing that bugs me though. Amy weber nude pics. Heh, remember seeing this video about it. The game offered nothing of value that made it fun relative to other MMOs besides the fact that its basically porn. Do you mean the Crater Faddle? This guy is pretty good. But some outfits are just too much either way. When will I have adjustable ass size in a game? I thought mla was for male fla was for female la was for your characters gender and cla is for the opposite gender You chose to walk away, but on other oceans you didn't, you took the baptism, you were born again as a different man.

Let alone on virtual tittes! Throw some my way, dang it! I personally wouldn't have a problem with it but could see why it would cause issues for them. That just ends up with me spending less Meseta to buy costumes.

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And yes, if they had the balls at SEGA they would make it see through so that you could slightly see the outline of the penis.

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Afrikan sexy girl Here we are again. I disagree though I respect your opinion nonetheless.
Show me videos of naked women I personally wouldn't have a problem with it but could see why it would cause issues for them. Seriously, no male characters and the girls and outfits just looked weird as fuck.
Erotic lesbian boobs Most outfits suck in this game. I realize now that the Scarlet Blade example was too far on the extreme side. When will I have adjustable ass size in a game?

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