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They realized that the real surrounds them, see how people live and think. But, yeah, he's probably terrible in bed. Sexy white girls nude pics. I travel around the world as often as you travel around Russia. It's exciting to see Pavel hit the mainstream, but I just feel terrible that it is under these circumstances.

He needs a swift cock up the ass to tame him. Pavel petel nude. He obviously loves himself a bit much and I'm sure he's hard to deal with in person but yes I'd have sex with him lol. I can't believe it but it's true.

Good to have some Pavel news. I find his muscle genderfuck drag super sexy. Who's the lucky gay who got to pose with him? I'm not interested in crossdressing, but damn this guy is gorgeous from head to toe. Nude latvian women. Do you feel safe in Moscow? Do we have any Russian speakers here who can translate what he says? I wanna fuck something more masculine. Music always helps people learn a language. He's shilling some product? But because of their immaturity, they consider themselves lucky.

I like feminine guys and the combination of the masculine and feminine. Would love to see the two of them flip-fuck. I just hope he does NOT end up in porn or escorting. Thanks for the video, r Most Popular on Advocate. DL is proud of him. Frightening- yet oddly erotic. My Russian coworker confirms that Detki, ya vas lyublyu! I think Pavel could really make it big in the US.

His foreskin must be really tight, since he doesn't pull it that far back even when jacking off. It doesn't appear to be a talk show as such more like a gameshow,the title of which is Let's Get Married.

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And I am sure your atrocious English made Pavel lose his boner also, if he was able to read your review written in hillbilly. R are you an idiot? Sexy Pavel is a saint for allowing that ugly guy with fucked up teeth and stick legs to stand next to him:.

He's a very pretty himbo and that's exactly as far as it goes. Kates playground naked video. Both have hot bodies but Pavel is much, much better looking. I love his big meaty butt! Mmmm, I like suckable Pavel Petel's Prepuce. R you think that femmy looking blond taps Pavel's ass?

Even with clothes on he's beautiful: I'd love for a sex tape of him and his bf to come out The man is hotter than a supernova on steroids.

Im sorry but i barfed when i seen his pic. People flocked to his social media because he was daring in the pics and videos he took.

Nothing about being gay together in life. R, we don't allow such things in Russia. Of course, society now is more aggressive towards people like me. Hopefully some uber rich gay will read that interview and arrange for him to come. Pavel petel nude. Israeli girl ass. Wow, he ejaculates in front of that beach crowd in that one series.

The international community and western governments will never do anything about what is happening in Russia and neither will the IOC.

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Who did I tell? If Pavel needs a green card, I'd gladly marry him! NYC is a moribund shithole. He says, "I am a useless cock tease. That would be a real bummer if he was straight lol or even bi Live a little r I want Pavel anywhere but NYC. Okay, I'll admit it:

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I love how he can go from the androgynous look back to "normal" masculine with the greatest of ease: R are you an idiot? Was this Peter's idea too? Are there any nudes of him without the cock ring? It looks like a fairly popular show too:. Put a ring on it. He needs to trim that facial hair and make it neater but so gorgeous!

Hopefully he can make it out of Russia. Brooke taylor nude pics. Pavel petel nude. He has the most handsome profile, a deep voice, and yet the right cheekbones and lips to be a big hot looking woman. I like feminine guys and the combination of the masculine and feminine. Kaki hunter nude pics Is Pavel a got2breal fan? Do you have any plans to travel outside of Russia?

I'd love to know what they're debating in this talk show segment. There no gays in Russia.

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